State government data reveals Newcastle postcodes with the most unclaimed CTP green slip refunds

UNCLAIMED: Merewether and Merewether Heights were two subrubs with many unclaimed CTP refunds. More than 18,000 policy holders in Newcastle are yet to claimCTP refunds under the NSW government’sgreen slip reforms introduced in December last year.
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State data obtained by the Newcastle Heraldreveals more than $800,000 remains unclaimed across 15 postcode areas in Newcastle.

Topping the list of postcodes where policies remain unclaimed is 2289 –Newcastle, where more than $180,000 remains available to be refunded from 3770unclaimed policies.

More than 7150 policies in 2289 have been claimed, however, totaling $400,000.

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The postcode with the second largest amount of unclaimed policies is 2291, comprising Merewether, Merewether Heights and The Junction, where 3050 remain unclaimed compared to 5305 claimed.

The unclaimed policies accountto about $151,352,which is sitting idle and yet to be refunded.

“I strongly encourage Hunter car owners to take the time to see if they are eligible to claim CTP refunds,” Parliamentary Secretary for the HunterScot MacDonald said.

“Car running expenses are a big part of the cost of living in the Hunter and any drop in ownership cost helps.

“Claiming a refund is simple and easy and can be done via Service NSW either online, over the phone or in store.”

The government has extended the deadline for claiming to June 30, 2019.

CTP refunds by postcode:

2304 –6195 policies claimed, 1816 unclaimed2305 –5809 policiesclaimed, 1517 unclaimed2300 –4919 policiesclaimed, 1479, unclaimed2299 –4732 policiesclaimed, 1337 unclaimed2303 –3894 policies claimed, 1515 unclaimed2298 –3702 policies claimed, 1015 unclaimed2295 –2388 policies claimed, 1525 unclaimed2292 –1377 policies claimed, 492 unclaimed2293 –1269 policies claimed, 590 unclaimed2294 –1047 policies claimed, 406 unclaimed2296 –724 policies claimed, 393 unclaimed2297 –592 policies claimed, 250 unclaimed2302 –89 unclaimed