Short Takes October 26 2018: readers have their say on the day’s news

THE time is here:testing is underway (‘Drivers take the controls’,Newcastle Herald24/10), and just in time for car races. In years to come itwill be busy then, but I think double-decker buses could have done the same job with a lot less expense. When the excitement glosses over, will the light rail become a talking piece?

Alan Ackroyd, HamiltonWELL Andrew Constance has not only ruined Hunter Street for parking and businesses.Save Our Railgot more than 11,000 signatures on one petitionoff people in the Hunter who did not want a tram. We went to Sydney on Friday and saw the mess inGeorgeStreet and Eddy Avenue. Some of the locals expect it will be another 12months. Therewas a tram there in the 1950s and it was not the Sydney people that wanted it pulled up, it waspoliticians.They do know how to waste taxpayers’money.

George Tattersell, New LambtonGREAT to see our Council make an extra $11 million dollars of already struggling families through their rate rises last year.

Bruce Cook, AdamstownJOHNHudson (Short Takes 24/10), Newcastle East is the entertainment hub of Newcastle. You presumably decided to live there knowing that the Supercars are a wonderful thing for our town. If you don’t like our town hosting events, then simply move to the suburbs where this doesn’t happen.

Colin Geatches, MayfieldGIVE me a break! Enough of the claptrap from governments about reducing electricity prices. Governments are now mostly industry overseers, not power station owners orindustry participants. If governments seriously want to reduce emissions and assist struggling consumers, then help them transition to solar with battery storage so they can reduce basedemand. Where’s their foot-stamping on petrol prices?

Garry Blair, MaitlandBRAD Hill (Short Takes 24/10), there is no such thing as a gay activist. Activists are never happy.

Steve Barnett, Fingal BayWE ALL have our prejudices and suspicions when it comes to others, Brad Hill (Short Takes24/10). It helps to think of people first and foremost as human beings. The people of Wentworth voted for the person they thought could best represent them.

Julie Robinson, CardiffSO, BRAD Hill (Short Takes 24/10), do you believethe “pathetic direction the country is heading”is due to the fact that the likely member for Wentworth is a) gay b)aclimate change activist or c)both?

Grant Conway, LambtonTO BRAD Hill (Short Takes 24/10), there’s one thing we know for sure about the next federal election:you will not be individually considered. Now that makes me smile.

Tony Padgett, Newcastle EastTHE POLLSSHOULD the federal government issue a national apology over Nauru?

Yes 65%, No 35%