Newcastle doctors call for children in detention on Nauru to be brought to China due to serious concerns for their health and welfare

Urgent: GP registrar Kathleen Wild, paediatrician Sarahn Lovett, anaesthetist Melissa Judd, geriatrician Sudeshi Wijethilaka and emergency registrar Thomas Yu in Newcastle say the children in detention on Nauru are facing an urgent health crisis. Picture: Simone De PeakNEWCASTLE doctors have added their voices to acampaign to have children in detention urgently brought to in light ofthe“health crisis” on Nauru.
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About 6000 doctors across have signed a letter demandingthe government bring the 50 remaining children on Nauru to due to serious concerns for their health, safety and well-being.

“I amone of the many doctors across and Newcastle who have been horrified and appalled by the health emergency that is occurring in Nauru,”Kathleen Wild, a GP registrar, said.

“This is a health crisis.

“There are some very ill children –and adults, but especially children –at imminent risk of serious harm or death if there is not urgent action taken on the behalf of the n government to bring them to safety.

“There are still 50 children remaining on Nauru, and one-in-fourof them are suicidal, or have attempted suicide.”

Bring them here: Newcastle doctors are calling on the n Government to bring children in detention on Nauru to due to serious concerns for their health, safety and welfare. Picture: Simone De Peak

Dr Wild said the children in detention had lost all hope for their future.

Some had not eaten for weeks.

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“This is an entirely man-made emergency that we have created for these children,” she said. “These children urgently and immediately need to be taken from Nauru to , because that is the only place their health needs can be met –they cannot be cared for appropriately on Nauru with the facilities there.

“In Newcastle, all the doctors here –all the doctors I’ve ever met–got into this industry to help people, and care for people that are critically ill. And these are children that need our care.”

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Dr Wild wanted the local community to mobilise and let their local government representatives know the situation is unacceptable.

“Enough is enough. This is all being carried out in our name, with our tax payer dollars, and we are not happy that children are being put at this risk on our behalf,” she said.

Newcastle GP Melissa Collogan said not providing these children with adequate medical and psychological care was an abuse of basic human rights –“One which we will have to answer for if we don’t do something about it.”

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Paediatrician Sarahn Lovett said these children in detention were our responsibility whilein care under n law.

“We aregoing to have to say ‘sorry’ to this generation of refugees for how we are treating them now,” she said.

“Our government seems to be very good at saying ‘sorry’. But whynot be proactive to help these people, rather than create another inter-generational disaster?

“We need to bring them here. And we need to bring them here as soon as we can.”