Newcastle District Cricket Association: Wallsend’s Nathan Price, Jake Montgomery still can’t believe 41-run over

Cricket: Price, Montgomery still can’t believe 41-run over ROAR: Tigers batsmen Nathan Price and Jake Montgomery together at Wallsend Oval for club training this week after combining to score 41 runs off one over in a Tom Locker Cup match on Saturday. Picture: Josh Callinan

Wallsend pair Nathan Price and Jake Montgomery together after scoring 41 runs

UNBELIEVABLE: Tigers batsmen Nathan Price and Jake Montgomery together at Wallsend Oval this week after combining to score 41 runs off one over on Saturday. Picture: Josh Callinan

TweetFacebook Wallsend cricketers Nathan Price and Jake Montgomery hit 41 from one over Pictures by Josh CallinanCricket can throw up all kinds of unexpected scenarios, but neither Nathan Price nor Jake Montgomery were everanticipating anything remotely like this.

The Wallsend batsmen have received countless messages this week from people simply trying to figure out how it was even possible.

And they reckon Saturday afternoon’s effortsat Lynn Oval might even end up as a trivia question somewhere down the track.

Price and Montgomery combined forces to score 41 runs from a single over.

It is believed to be a Newcastle District Cricket Association record and first grade teammatesdescribed the featas “ridiculous” after the Tigers duo surpassed the magical 36-run figure, or the equivalent of six sixes from as many deliveries.

“I’ve never heard of that before,” Price, 31, said.

“I thought it was literallyimpossible to get more than 36.Everybody has just been asking how did that happen? Talk me through it.”

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Batting at the southern end of Stockton’s home ground and 10 overs down chasing the one-day Tom Locker Cup target of 7-138, Price and Montgomerystruck four sixes andthree fours off the bowling of Seagulls leg-spinner Kye Zanardi.

There was also five extras, resulting in two additionalballs being bowled.

Price opened proceedings with three sixes in-a-row towards “cow corner”, including the first from a head-high no-ball meaning Wallsendwere already 19 runs from two legal deliveries.

Next was a leg-side wide,which made it past the wicketkeeper and allowed the Tigers pair to cross for a furtherthree runs. The scenario was now 23 off only two.

Montgomery then took guard and hit three straight fours, two sweep shots and a drive to the now vacant cover fence.That’s 35 from five.

And to cap it all off Montgomery cleared the leg-side boundary with the last ball to make it 41 off six, splitting the honours with Price at 18 runs apiece.

“I think I got 30 [off one over] in an under 21s game once, but three fours and three sixes,” Montgomery, 23, said.“Nothinglike that.”

Price agrees: “I reckon I barely got to 30 [in an over] once, but not all sixes and a couple of fours in there. Definitely nowhere near 36, let alone 41.”

However, the damage continued with the next over from Stockton’s Sam Jenkinson going for 17and Wallsend now amassing58runs across12 balls.

Despite the scorers frantically playing catch up on the books,Wallsend nabbed a bonus point victoryin the following 13th over.Price (86 not out) and Montgomery (37 not out) also beat the storm home, featuringin a103-run partnership for the second wicket.

“It just escalated pretty quickly,” Price said.