Indy 500 win completes Will Power’s career

n driver Will Power claimed his maiden Indianapolis 500 victory at his 11th attempt.The worry is gone for ‘s IndyCar sensation Will Power.

Although there are still brief, random moments of panic, the Toowoomba product has silenced his doubt – much of it within his own head.

By becoming the first n to win the iconic IndyCar 500, Power put to rest any question marks over his standing in the sport.

The 37-year-old finally crossed the finish line of the famous American race first, after some near misses.

“I had that niggling thought in my mind for so long, ‘you’ve got to win the Indy 500, you’ve got to win the Indy500’,” Power told AAP.

“Every now and then it still pops back up and I’m like ‘OK you’ve done it, now you can relax and try to win another one’.”

Despite winning the 2014 IndyCar Series championship and being a household name on the American tour, there was still something missing.

Power said he would have felt empty about his career – despite sitting eighth for all-time IndyCar race wins – if he retired having never won the Indy 500.

“I’ve probably won more races than anyone over the last 10 years, more laps led, I’ve won a championship,” he said.

“But I was going to be so disappointed in my career if I had not won that race.

“You wouldn’t be recognised as a top driver, you really need to win both (Indy 500 and a championship) to be recognised as a successful driver.

“But I still have to pinch myself sometimes.”

Power is in to visit family but has also stopped by Parliament House to meet the prime minister – the things that come about after writing yourself into n sports history.

He will fly back to his North Carolina base in November with the goal of winning the title and the Indy500 in the same season.